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SecurityGateway for Email Servers
- Protection from Internal Threats

SecurityGateway for Email Servers is an effective email security solution that not only blocks threats from outside of your network, but also from inside. SecurityGateway's data leak prevention and policy enforcement features help ensure that sensitive company data is safe.

Data Leak Prevention

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Data Leak Prevention

In addition to inbound mail traffic filtering, SecurityGateway also filters outbound email. An easy-to-use interface allows policies to be created which detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information outside of your network.

Policy Enforcement using Sieve Filter Language

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Policy Enforcement

The powerful Sieve email filtering language can be used to minimize data leakage of sensitive or proprietary information. Using the intuitive up and down arrows, administrators can prioritize the order of these scripts, or create their own for custom content filtering based on the needs of their specific business or industry.

Encryption: SSL and TLS

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Encryption: SSL and TLS

Email traffic can be encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) for safe transmission of sensitive data.

Automatically Redirect HTTP Requests to HTTPS

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Automatically redirect to HTTPS

HTTP requests for the web interface can be configured to automatically redirect to HTTPS for encrypted access to SecurityGateway.